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About Solar Cooking Project


n 2010 Light Gives Heat was awarded an $8,000 grant through the ERM Foundation which allowed us to work with Solar Cooker International (SCI), an organization promoting sustainable cooking methods, and provide Light Gives Heat employees with solar cookers.

At the end of March 2010, SCI came to Jinja, Uganda and conducted four days of training for the women on how to use the solar reflectors (the CookIt) and fireless baskets. The training has continued to this day and LGH is hard at work to aqquire more funding to create even more opportunities for the men and women of LGH.

Solar cooking allows LGH artisans to save money since they have to buy less fuel and has immense health benefits because it reduces the amount of smoke inside the house.

Want to see how the solar cookers are working and what’s new with the project? We'll continue to post updates on our blog concerning the ways that our Solar Cookers are being used.

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