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Lifecoaching4 Kidsorg

Lifecoaching4 Kidsorg

About Us is a new not-for-profit, out-of-school-time program providing youth (ages 11 to 14) with professional group life-coaching geared toward building their resilience through emotional and creative intelligence.

By exploring and developing youths’ emotional intelligence, we promote their ability to perceive, reason, comprehend, and manage their emotions and those of others, and in relationships.

By learning strategies and skills for creative problem solving and by connecting ideas and concepts to the arts, we are practicing creative intelligence. Adolescents learn to increase their cognitive ability to use their imagination to produce original or alternative outcomes for a given problem or project.

By engaging local businesses and individuals in the community, we share resources, information, and learning.

We exist …
to help youth build strategies for resilience by developing their self-awareness, self-empowerment, and creative problem-solving skills.

We aspire …
to be catalysts of future leaders and creative thinkers who will positively impact the lives of all they come into contact with.

We believe …
that all individuals deserve the opportunity to become aware of the options and possibilities available to them, and to begin preparing for a
a meaningful and successful life.

We value:
Inquisitive minds that are open to safely exploring possibilities
Positive attitudes that support and respect the aspirations, creativity, and experiences of self and others
Communication skills that listen with compassion and empathy
Remaining present and trusting the process more than the outcome

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