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Translate Healthy Eating Resources into Spanish!

Hosted by: Leah Ricci


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Leah Ricci

About Translate Healthy Eating Resources into Spanish!

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Fresh Approach teaches free nutrition and healthy eating classes throughout the Bay Area. Some of our classes are taught in Spanish, and unfortunately not all of our written materials have been translated into Spanish yet! Many of the participants that we work with have limited English skills and may not have access to the internet.

Most of the materials that we give out are short brochures that are food or nutrition related (nothing too complicated). We are looking for volunteers who can help translate some of these brochures. Volunteers should have an advanced level of Spanish. The work can be done remotely.

Help us make these valuable resources available to more people in need!

Application Process

No application required, but you should be fluent in Spanish.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Health and Wellness
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    Poverty and Hunger

Are a skilled:

  • Wordsmith

Are interested in:

  • Fitness
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    Food & Drink
  • Cooking

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