Le Dujour HERO Village, Inc.

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Le Dujour H.E.R.O. Village, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 on a mission to provide academic and behavioral interventions to create stronger parents, stronger families. Poverty. Lack of shelters. Unhealthy relationships. Harsh environments. Many families feel trapped in these terrible conditions. We provide wrap around services and psychosocial supports to holistically nurture at-risk youth, teen parents, parents, and families. The nationally award winning team at Le Dujour have 20 years of experience in Academic Planning, Behavior Modification, Counseling Leadership and Community Outreach.
For 2017, we have empowered 462 families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies and skills. Our areas of focus are Healthier Living, Educational Support, Relationship Building, and Obtainment Economics.

Website: http://www.herovillage.org

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Vachenzia McKinney
(901) 443-0913