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Lantern Medical Clinic

Lantern Medical Clinic

About Us

What is Lantern Medical Clinic?

Lantern Medical Clinic is an after hours clinic that seeks to glorify Christ by providing medical care to qualified working, uninsured individuals and families.

Why is Lantern Medical needed?

Poorer health among uninsured means less productive workforce
Higher expenses of uninsured threatens financial structure and stability
Increased financial burden to hospitals and government
Uninsured are less likely to get screenings that reduce cost by cutting down on advanced disease processes

What is Mississippi's need?

464,000(18.7%) uninsured in 2002
14th highest uninsured rate in nation
Increasing 2000-2002 rose >3%
2002 there were 22.2% of working Mississippians uninsured
2002 10.9% of children uninsured
Majority of uninsured (78.4%) live in families where one person works


We Care About

Health and Wellness

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Steve Morris