Margaret’s 50th Birthday Fund

Be one of the 1,000 people that help Margaret raise $50K for 50 years.

A fundraising campaign for Lansing Corp. Development Committee

In order to celebrate her 50 years so far, Margaret has decided to do a fundraising campaign.  No presents, no treats, just sharing her blessings with many local charitable organizations.  She loves the CDC, because they are able to help Lansing School district offering enriching technological devices and experiences for the students of the Lansing School District.  This year the CDC Tech Boosters are fundraising to support sports related technology. A new scoreboard and sound system are in the game plan. Please support this campaign.

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About the Organization

Lansing Corp. Development Committee

Our mission is to support and further the educational opportunities of Lansing students by providing equipment and technology to the Lansing Central School District. There are always technology requests and needs that cannot be supported by the District or State funding. That's where we come in.
The Tech Boosters have raised almost a half million dollars, over the past 19 years, and still going strong. We have seen our donations make a difference in the lives of the Lansing students. We hope you can join us in this worthwhile cause.