Monitoring Lake Health

Water sampling helps monitor lake health and detect early warning signals of potential problems.

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Lake monitoring has been conducted on Lake Winnipesaukee since the 1980’s with the creation of the University of New Hampshire’s NH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (LLMP). The NH LLMP is dedicated to preservation and sound management of lakes through citizen-based monitoring and research.

Each year people volunteer their time throughout the season to collect and process water samples as part of this program. Their participation and commitment has generated a data set that informs our understanding of Lake Winnipesaukee’s health and enables UNH and State scientists’ to identify problems and long term trends in lake quality.  

The Lake Winnipesaukee Association supports and coordinates the lake monitoring program by identifying areas of Lake Winnipesaukee currently not monitored, through recruitment and training of volunteers, financial sponsorship to cover laboratory analyses, providing access to the data and feedback on topics for engaged research. 

"LWA is a vital organization to foster the long term environmental protection of Winnipesaukee, both for water quality standards and shoreline protection.  Given the minimal or limited funding from the State of NH for these issues, it is crucial that individuals support groups like LWA." - Jim MacBride, President, Gilford Island Association

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About the Organization

Lake Winnipesaukee Association

Lake Winnipesaukee Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the Big Lake's water quality and natural resources through monitoring, education, stewardship, and science guided approaches for lake management.

As a respected source of information and expertise, LWA concentrates on the specific problems of Lake Winnipesaukee and its watershed, promoting active participation among communities, groups and individuals to bridge economic, social and environmental interests in the watershed.

Our programs and projects arise from a deep appreciation and love for the lake and its environment, and desire to keep it beautiful and clean for countless generations to come.