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KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder is an extremely rare disease affecting fewer than 200 children throughout the world. A rare mutation of the KIF1A gene causes a degenerative neurological syndrome with a progressive course. There is no cure or treatment. Yet.

We are urgently raising funds to support KIF1A research at Columbia University Medical Center's Discover Program. The window of opportunity to help kids with KIF1A is not a big one, every single day matters. With your help we will fund innovative research leading to treatment for every child living with KIF1A. Waiting is not an option for KIF1A kids, we need your help today.

With guidance from physicians specializing in genetics and neurology, we are funding research leading to clinical trials, treatment, and eventually a cure for KIF1A Disorder. Our goal is very possible. Thank you for helping us cure KIF1A.


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