Kids Count in Alachua County, Inc.

About Us

Kids Count was founded as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2007 to establish highly effective after school programs for elementary students from low income families. Kids Count seeks students struggling to work on grade level in reading and/or math.

Jazz is a third-grade student in her second year attending Kids Count. When she began at Kids Count, she struggled with reading, had trouble focusing on her school work, and did not meet grade level expectations in math. During the second nine-week grading period of the third grade, Jazz’s teacher informed Kids Count staff that Jazz was now reading and working on grade level. Third grade is traditionally a benchmark year and the goal of Kids Count has always been to support and enrich students’ education. Kids Count strives to bring students to grade level in reading by the time they complete the third grade.

Enhancing literacy for elementary children leads to improved academic performance which leads to success in high school and opportunity in the future. Character education builds perseverance and self-confidence that are critical to academic and life success and provides a strong foundation for making positive choices in the teen years such as reduced drug and alcohol use and reduced violence. Active, inspiring enrichment fires the imagination and opens new motivational and opportunity doorways. Better outcomes for each child leads to better outcomes for the community, including lower cost in crime, health care, and social services and greater productivity, innovation, and fulfillment.


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Poverty and Hunger

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