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Keystone Kidspace

Keystone Kidspace

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Keystone Kidspace will be a premier experiential learning center where ideas are discovered through play--integrating art, science, technology and engineering.

NOW is the time to support this exciting new program that will save a historic building, transform a neighborhood and encourage children to allow curiosity to determine their path.

Keystone Kidspace is designed to break the rules of traditional educational experiences. We understand that kids are messy, life is chaotic and often innovation and learning happen in the most unusual circumstances. Why not see how a scientist interprets art or how an artist builds a robot and how movement gets everyone's neurons flowing.

Imagine a place where a child’s imagination can roam free. A ten-year-old can take a creative writing workshop while a thirteen-year-old meets with a volunteer mentor to get help with a science fair project.

Young mechanics can work with tools to “dissect” everyday appliances or to build something new. Budding artists can contribute to a variety of collaborative art projects that will become part of the Keystone Kidspace environment.

Parents are not forgotten here. It is their time to take a break with a coffee, catch up with friends, or even take a class "after hours."

We are looking for volunteers, we are looking for instructors and most importantly we are looking for you--watch our progress at and get ready to visit us in 2020!


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