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Katie's Roadside Rescue

About Us

Our mission at KRR is to save the lives of those dogs that have abandoned on the side of the road, left like trash to fend for themselves simply because they are not wanted anymore. If we are unable to catch a dog when we see/learn about them due to space or time, food and water is provided, pictures taken and networking begins to save its life.

Upon intake each dog is dogs are fully vetted, given time so we can learn about their personality, then listed for adoption. Each potential adopter is thoroughly screened via references, veterinary reference, background checks, and a home visit when possible. The goal is that our rescues never know a day without a family and love again.

KRR also supplies dog houses to dogs in need. These are typically dogs that have owners but may not have adequate shelter. Rescues cannot save every dog, but we can make their living conditions better with houses and education.

In addition, in 2016 we became the local affiliate for the National Recue Bank. The Rescue Bank secures donations from dog food companies and distributes the food and items to warehouses throughout the United States. San Antonio Rescues are now part of this network and we, along with volunteers, work to make sure that local rescues get food to help feed their rescues. Fundraising for KRR helps to offset some of the warehouse fees that make this program work. This is truly a hard, but worthwhile program to coordinate, and many rescues would struggle even more without this type of assistance.

KRR may be on the small side, averaging 65-80 adoptions a year, but we are mighty!!!

Every penny donated goes directly to the care and shelter of our rescues.


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