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Kathy Wilson Foundation

Kathy Wilson Foundation

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We want to bring developmental screenings to all young children in Alexandria because the earlier we learn, the more we can do.

Layla had always sensed that something about her son was different from his age mates. She thought he should probably have more words and be speaking more clearly for his age. When she saw the Kathy Wilson Foundation booth at a health fair, she was immediately interested in learning more about her son’s speech development. Within a few minutes she was paired up with Marie, a Kathy Wilson Foundation screener. Together they completed a developmental screening based on her son's age. Marie then shared the results with Layla, which confirmed that her son had a delay in the area of speech and language. She also shared city-wide enrichment resources and encouraged Layla to follow-up with the school system’s Child Find office for a fuller, free evaluation.

Layla left the screening feeling empowered to utilize City resources to support her son's development.

Developmental screenings benefit children and empower parents. Help us make screenings accessible to all children in Alexandria.


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