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Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

About Us

The mission of the Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County is to assist the County of
Kalamazoo by raising funds to be used for development, improvement, maintenance,
and promotion of the parks, which are now or hereafter owned and operated by the County of Kalamazoo. The Parks Foundation will also receive and administer funds for the preservation of objects of natural interest for educational and charitable purposes, and for purposes benefiting the public welfare of citizens of Kalamazoo County and Southwest Michigan.

The Parks Foundation of Kalamazoo County was formed in 1988 when a small but
passionate group of citizens wanted to protect parkland at the former Morris Markin
estate and create a recreational destination. The group formed a partnership with the
County to develop and protect park lands.


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Kyle Lewis
(269) 342-1740