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WeROCK! Corporate Volunteering Opportunity

Hosted by: Juvenile Protective Association


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Derrick Buckingham

About WeROCK! Corporate Volunteering Opportunity


Does your company/organization promote employee volunteering? Is there a volunteering day/week? JPA offers a wonderful way to do good by getting involved with the children we serve. WeROCK! stands for We Reach Out to Chicago’s Kids! It is a volunteer activity developed to interact with our children through a combination of learning and cultivating their own creativity, all while having fun. The main purpose is to let them know there is an entire community of people that cares about them and wishes for their success.
The activity takes place at one of JPA’s partner schools on the west side of Chicago with JPA staff that will lead the activity with a group of 3rd or 4th graders. Volunteers get to spend time with children that come from underserved, under-represented neighborhoods and get a chance to experience and see first-hand that these children, with just a little attention, get excited about learning and experiencing new things. The volunteers, by just being there, convey to the kids that people from outside their surroundings genuinely care about their well-being and success.

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