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Justice and Hope

Justice and Hope

About Us

Justice And Hope is a Non Profit based in Chennai, committed to the following projects:

Project – 1: Safe and Secure Homes

What happens when safe homes become abusive homes?

The number of homeless children, elderly, persons with special needs and those in need of care and protection is alarming. The government receives the homeless and abandoned to place them in safe homes. Unfortunately, there are many reports of abuse within these Government and NGO safe homes.

This project will work closely with the safe homes and the government.

a. To ensure that adequate standard operating procedures (SOPs) are prescribed by the government and made available to all homes. The homes in turn are able to step up and improve their homes to meet the standards.

b. To provide trainings to meet specific needs such as specialized care for the elderly, the differently abled.... etc.

c. To care for the Care-takers through regular debriefing sessions, group discussions, training, retreats and pycho-social care.

d. To make homes accountable to an independent body such as the Child Welfare Committee. A yearly audit will be conducted, certifying the home as free from physical and sexual abuse, and as meeting all required SOPs.

Project – 2: Anti –Trafficking

The Child Welfare Committee and the District Administration headed by the Collector receive trafficking cases, abandoned and runaway children. These officers are already too overwhelmed with work their superiors deem priority to give these cases the attention necessary; therefore a solution to end trafficking cannot adequately be left to the government alone. All the stakeholders must work together to end it. The stakeholders include the labourers, business owners, the government, the NGOs and the community.

The Project will address the following:

a. In collaboration with the government and other NGOs, rescue and rehabilitate bonded labourers and minors trafficked for sex.

b. Equip and enable the government to have a well-trained team and procedures in place to conduct rescues.

c. Build a network of bonded labor-free businesses to positivly influence the sector.

d. Repatriate rescued labourers and minors back to their home town within the country and internationally too. (Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines etc.)

Project – 3: Hope

Hope keeps a person going when there is nothing there for them. If the community can love, value and allow individuals to participate and realize their purpose, then everyone can have an opportunity at a holistic life.

PROJECT HOPE is a volunteer network connecting people from all walks of life to give from their time, talents, skill and resources. Even a small involvement can help meet the basic longings and needs of those served while bringing purpose and change to those serving.


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