4th Annual Just Be Cause Party

Benefit for Gadabout & The Just Be Cause Center

Make an exponential difference

Spreading awareness is a great way to help support our cause.

The 5th Annual Just Be Cause Party website is: gvgb.co/jbcparty5


The 4th annual JUST BE CAUSE PARTY!


Place: AGAVA - 381 Pine Tree Rd.

Day: Sunday July 31, 2016 - 5-9pm
Cost: $50.00 (to order 3 or more tickets, use the "Enter an Amount" button)
Includes: Food and dancing. Cash bar. ($25 is tax deductible) 
Entertainment: Dance music by The Destination
All proceeds benefit: Gadabout and 
The Just Be Cause Not-For-Profit Development Center, Inc. (JBCC)

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Accessible transportation had long been considered a problem in Tompkins County when finally, in 1974, a group of concerned residents and agencies came together to find a solution. Gadabout was formed to fill the need of transportation for older adults and people with disabilities. After 2 years of planning and fundraising, the first vehicle arrived in November of 1976. Today Gadabout has a fleet of 31 accessible vehicles, travels over 500,000 miles and provides over 60,000 trips annually. Our volunteer and staff drivers will take riders to shop, volunteer, work, attend social gatherings, or to doctor’s appointments within Tompkins County. Anyone age 60 or over, or anyone who has a disability that interferes with their ability to use public transportation, is eligible to use the service. If you are interested in volunteering or using our service please call 273-1878.

About the Organization

Just Be Cause Not-For-Profit Development Center, Inc.

Just Be Cause Not-For-Profit Development Center, Inc. was created in honor of Judy Dietz as a resource for not-for-profit organizations in the Tompkins County area and beyond. Inspired by Judy's philanthropic work, the Corporation is dedicated to helping organizations increase their productivity and enhance their efficiency.

Among the Corporate activities, we intend to provide physical space and shared facilities for burgeoning and established not-for-profits at market rate rents or below. We recognize that cross-fertilization, collaboration, synergy and creative thinking are enhanced when charitably oriented organizations work side-by-side.

We expect to raise funds for the purpose of providing and subsidizing rental space for not-for-profits. We also intend to conduct community strengthening events throughout the year that will raise additional funds to provide grants, financial and organizational counseling, networking and other similar services to not-for-profits in our community and beyond.