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JA in a Day

Hosted by: Junior Achievement of Southern California


Ongoing Opportunity


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Kat Delgado Kirkwood

About JA in a Day

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An event designed to allow volunteers to reach students with an entire JA program in one day. Volunteers are provided with the curriculum and materials to lead 4-5 activities over the course of several hours. They are encouraged to interweave their business experiences into the lessons, which align with the common core standards for Math, English, and Language Arts.
A typical schedule has volunteers beginning the day with a greeting from school officials at 8:30am, starting their classes at 9am, and finishing around 1pm.

What is my time commitment?
--Orientation & training session
60-90 minutes
--Preparation at home
30-60 minutes for each lesson
--Elementary School Programs
5 sessions, 30-45 minutes each
--Middle School Programs
4 sessions, 45 minutes each
--High School Programs
4 sessions, 45minutes each

Application Process

For more information contact: Kat Delgado Kirkwood, Senior Director of Education

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