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In Classroom and Virtual Program Instruction

Hosted by: Junior Achievement of NEPA


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About In Classroom and Virtual Program Instruction


Who taught you to manage money? Select a career? Understand the rules of the workplace?
Junior Achievement helps students do all of these things and more. Our kindergarten through twelfth grade programs help students realize the world of possibilities that lie ahead for them, and you can be a part of that!
Right now, Junior Achievement needs volunteers in local classrooms and online to deliver our nationally developed programs to area students. Our programs consist of lessons and hands on activities that make learning fun!
The commitment is minimal, and the rewards are exponential! Call or email us today to learn more!

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In-Classroom and Virtual Volunteers Needed

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As a Junior Achievement in-classroom volunteer you have the opportunity to act as a role model for young people in your area.

Through age-appropriate curricula, Junior Achievement programs begin at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers, and consumers. Junior Achievement continues through the middle and high school grades, preparing students for future economic and workforce issues they’ll face. We do all this with the help of our volunteers. Volunteers who care enough about our youth and take the time out of their day to make a difference!!
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