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Life After High School Worshop

Hosted by: Jewish Renaissance Foundation


January 16, 2014


Past Opportunity


Mallelyne Peralta

This is a past opportunity

About Life After High School Worshop

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Student participated in the “Life after High School”. In the “Life after High School” event 2 peer counselors from Kean University came to AUL speak to the students about what to expect in their first year of college. Students were very intrigued about the information that was given to them because it was information from hands on experience that the peer counselors have been through during their first year and also by the mentees that they oversee as peer counselors. Students asked various questions about expectations on class attendance, campus life, EOF summer program and many more questions. Students found the event to be insightful and feel that it gave them a different perspective on what to expect their first year as college students.

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