Ithaca Underground’s 10th Anniversary!

A fundraising campaign for Ithaca Underground

Ithaca Underground celebrates ten years of nurturing a radically inclusive, safe space for music & art outside the mainstream.

Over the last decade, Ithaca Underground has grown from a hobby for DIY concerts to an ever-expanding, caring community of the talented, the inspired, and the weird. 

In addition to hundreds of live, all-ages music events, IU continues to provide learning and growth opportunities for volunteer artists, designers, photographers, videographers, grant writers, sound engineers, and marketeers.

Your donation acknowledges how far IU has come in 10 years and ensures IU will grow and thrive in the next 10. 

Thank you!

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About the Organization

Ithaca Underground (IU) is committed to nurturing a sustainable all-ages environment for music and art that falls outside of the mainstream. Founded in 2007, the organization sets a strong foundation for the do-it-yourself (DIY) ethos, which empowers our local youth to build a vibrant and inclusive community of independent musicians, artists and self-motivated leaders.