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About Send us your photos from IG!


A picture is worth a thousand words!

We are always looking for new and interesting pictures we can use in our newsletter, event pages, promo materials, FB posts, Volunteer opportunities, and beyond!

This is an ongoing opportunity! You can contribute simply by snapping your best pics around IG or including things made at IG and sending them to, posing them on social media yourself, or uploading them to your favorite cloud (google drive, icloud, etc) and sharing them with a board member.

Here are some guidelines for what is most helpful-

-include as much color as possible. Red especially jumps out at people, so if you can get something red in the background (or foreground!) all the better
-Brighter is better! the front room is brighter than the shop and outside is brighter still. Dim photos are not as sharp and require more work to adjust before we publish them. Turn on some lights :)
-People like seeing people! Photos of your project are awesome. Photos with a maker and a project in them are even better! Silly, serious, candid, or contrived - don't forget to smile :)
-Unless we have signed photo releases on file, we cannot publish pictures that include the faces of minors. If there are kids in your pictures, try to take them from an angle that does not show their face unless you know we have releases for the event. We can always blur them out or crop the photo before publishing, but this is something to keep in mind.
-Ignore these guidelines if they are slowing you down. Hey, we can always edit later :)

It's never been easier to be a hero.

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