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Elliot Wells

About IG Street team!


Channel your inner guerilla marketer or fly the flag loud and proud - it's your call!

We need several people who can work together to pick up flyers and other materials from the printer and get them out into the world - posting on bulletin boards, placing in cafes and businesses, handing out at festivals and events.

This is more open-ended and creative than the "tabling for IG" volunteer opportunity, although tabling may fall into this category.

We have an immediate need for volunteers to deliver and post flyers and leaflets, in thee Ithaca area - estimated 2-3 hour commitment.

An ideal candidate or candidates would be interested in coordinating with design volunteers or creating promotional art or materials for marketing purposes, identifying new and clever ways to raise awareness of our brand, and a desire to think outside the box, although this is not necessary.

Volunteers on the street team work with fundraising and marketing chair and with the hosts of individual events. This is a good fit for individuals who is like to keep moving, with a habit of "getting it done" in a timely manner without direct supervision.

This opportunity can be completed at times that work for you, in coordination with other street team members.

In the past we have been offered tickets to Grassroots and other major (and minor) events for individuals representing the IG organization!

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