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ITEC Lansing - Information Technology Empowerment Center

About Us

ITEC is a Lansing-based non-profit that seeks to engage Lansing-area youth in science, technology, engineering, and math content (STEM). Part of our core mission is also to mentor these youth, most of whom are economically disadvantaged, and empower them to believe that they can pursue careers in these fields.

We seek volunteers to assist in our exciting programs:

iMath: a hybrid online-in person tutoring program that has helped 4th-6th graders, on average, to gain up to one full math level over the course of a school year.

Techtronics: the foundation of ITEC's programs, Techtronics encompasses Lego Robotics, Game Design, Digital Media, and Scratch.

2020 Girls: an all girls program aimed at empowering girls to pursue careers in a largely male-dominated world of technology careers.


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