(the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism)

About Us, part of the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan news service incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Iowa in February 2010.

Our Mission:
To build and support non-partisan investigative journalism that advances public discourse to make the world a better place.

Our Vision:
To be the preeminent Iowa organization that trains current and future investigative journalists and increases the demand for and understanding of vetted, verified journalism.

Our Core Values:
At the heart of the Iowa Center’s work are core values, which are the means by which the Iowa Center will achieve its vision. These values drive how the Iowa Center operates internally as well has how it functions in its external environment.
1) Truth: The Iowa Center will ensure that vetted, verified information is at the heart of its work.
2) Democracy: The work of the Iowa Center and others similarly engaged is critical to maintaining a well-informed public, productive public discourse, and, therefore, a strong democracy.
3) Education: The Iowa Center trains journalists and media organizations in the art and science of investigative journalism, and it educates the public on issues related to media consumption.
4) Collaboration: The Iowa Center believes in the power of collaboration—with journalists, media organizations, and other communities.


Contact Information

Lyle Muller