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Intervale Center

Intervale Center

About Us

The Intervale Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen community food systems. Founded in 1988, the Center manages 360 acres of farmland, trails and open space along the Winooski River in Burlington, Vermont. In this unique place – the beautiful and beloved Intervale – we demonstrate multi-functional land use, showing how sustainable agriculture, conservation and recreation can co-exist in an urban setting. Through our innovative mix of programs and social enterprises, we are leading the community food revolution in Vermont and beyond.

At the Intervale Center, we believe in the power of good food to change the world. We are working to replace the industrial food system, which is anonymous and environmentally and socially destructive, with a community food system, which is familiar, human-scaled, and restorative of both human and natural communities. What makes us unique is our systemic, entrepreneurial approach. Our programs and social enterprises span from providing business planning and technical assistance to farmers to ecologically growing native trees for conservation projects. We strive to earn half of our revenue from the sale of goods and services and develop social enterprises that leverage philanthropy to multiply their impact.

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