Medical and Healthcare Internship Project with Kenosis Foundation in India


About Medical and Healthcare Internship Project with Kenosis Foundation in India


Participate in a medical and healthcare internship in Bangalore City, India. Interns get the chance to rotate around several departments, choose to focus on a particular field of their studies, and assist the nursing and medical staff in outreach work, hospitals, clinic, and clinical camps in villages. They will be involved in hospital work that is varied and that offers an interesting setting to gaining knowledge of various chronic diseases, ailments, procedures, treatments, and how things are done in comparison to their home countries.

Interns get the chance to utilize their skills, as they practice healthcare in a new environment and experience the country's healthcare system. They get opportunities to shadow staff at local hospitals and clinics in Bangalore. They get options in varied program types, including physical therapy, midwifery, dentistry, traditional medicine, medical research, HIV and AIDS prevention, pre-medical, and nursing.


1. We scout out companies that are active and handle international clients and projects.

2. We monitor your placement on a weekly basis to ensure you are getting meaningful work.

3. We ensure your skills are being properly utilized.

4. We ask our placements to continually challenge and grow your skill sets and comfort zone.

5. We offer post-internship help such as resume guidance, references, and recommendation letters.

Application Process

Fill up Volunteering Application Form, Interview, Background Check, and Submission of relevant field certificate, Letter from respective Department, CV, and Passport Copy etc.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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