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About Us

Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a non- governmental, non-profit, voluntary and international organization that works for holistic development of women and children in remote parts of rural villages; were no NGOs or Govt organization worked before or exist today!

We provide health, education, micro-credit, livelihood and income generating humanitarian projects to improve the quality of life of the target groups. Our target beneficiaries are women and girl children of the poor, underprivileged, and disadvantaged remote communities. We work with women’s groups in all the target communities on participatory approaches.

KF is a registered body ever since 2013 (Reg # BK IV BNG-BMG 166/2013-14 and Government Certified (CN: 12435/2014-2015) organization. Our head office is in Bangalore city, Karnataka State, South India..

We solely depend on the volunteers supports only and without their support and contribution, we can not accomplish our vision to “build a better life” of the poor in India.

Our end result prevents child abuse, child marriages, child labor, and unwanted pregnancy, violence against women and Protects the dignity of women and girl children.


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Issac Rayappan
+91 990-072-4842