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Become an institutional partner with ILS!

Hosted by: Institute for Latino Studies


June 1 - July 23, 2021
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Paloma Garcia-Lopez, Associate Director ILS

About Become an institutional partner with ILS!


A partnership with ILS requires your agency meet these objectives to best serve our students:

1. Assign an agency manager to supervise the intern, give instruction and feedback on a weekly basis, monitor his/her progress, and provide mentorship in their field of expertise.

2. Introduce and engage the intern in the target population. This may include evening and weekend events.

3. Provide a desk and computer work space for the intern to use during business hours. If remote, provide a weekly task list of virtual projects.

4. Provide meaningful tasks to develop the skills and understanding of the intern in the area of the nonprofit work conducted by the agency for the benefit of the community served.

5. Engage the intern for 32-40 hours per week in full time job responsibilities.

6. Respond in a timely manner to Institute for Latino Studies and CCLP faculty correspondence, including requests for intern evaluations and agency information.

7. Inform the Institute for Latino Studies administration of any concerns or questions from my organization.

8. Attend the final gathering of partners and interns in my city during the final week of July. This may include inviting board members or other stakeholders of the organization to participate via zoom (virtual).

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