ICWEN Membership Drive

Teach. Inspire. Empower. Dream. Build. Discover whats possible with Inner City Women's Empowerment Network, NFP holding your hand

The Inner City Women's Empowerment Network,NFP (ICWEN) was created for all women who believe that with "One Hand Helping another Working Together to make things Happen Everyone Can Win."

Our mission is to raise awareness and funding to assist, train and in many cases employ inner city women as they support each other within the network.
Our focus is to offer training and development, programs and services, community outreach, support systems and be a voice for women to transform from hardship to stability and ultimately empowerment.

In order to gain back stability, there must be a holistic approach to becoming whole and empowered again. I believe a system that is created to empower can also employ and create thousands of work opportunities within the United States.

ICWEN is a call to action for any women that wants training,services and support. Also for anyone who want to give back, and offer a helping hand to  others in need by offering your financial support. We invite you to volunteer or become a treasured member of ICWEN.

We applaud ordinary women dealing with life's daily issues that occur throughout urban communities and believe when you empower women,you empower the child, the family and community.

We do this because:

* Inner city women are suffering but going about their business trying to make ends meet

* Many women are stricken with fear, anxiety,depression and illness. It makes it hard to be motivated to move forward.

* The need is great , the resources are few.

* Oftentimes the many struggles of economically disadvantaged women go unnoticed.

* They have an amazing ability to persevere in spite of their circumstances.

* The resilience of the urban woman is awesome but often unrecognized.

I encourage you to join with us as we strengthen inner city women and the bond that holds together our children, families and communities by donating today and or becoming a member.
Everyone can win with ICWEN.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of this network. Please spread the word of our cause to your family and friends

Barbara F. Sanders
Inner City Women's Empowerment Network, NFP

[email protected]

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