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The ILR School’s unique depth and breadth sets its graduate programs apart. No other educational institution has graduate programs in workplace studies that are as comprehensive, or has the number of faculty teaching and researching workplace issues in one school. The curriculum is thorough, rigorous and comprehensive, innovatively combining experience and theory.

Our students advance their careers in human resources, labor relations, consulting, law or the public sector. They have access to a strong network of alumni and employers; many alumni credit ILR’s graduate programs with their career advancement and long-term success.

In order to recruit and retain key talent and maintain the graduate brand, we need to offer additional financial support to admitted students. We lose prospective and admitted students each year to schools with more competitive funding awards and scholarships.

Your gift to the Graduate Fellowships at ILR will help improve retention of top applicants.

About the Organization

The ILR School is tackling today’s most pressing workplace issues. Our faculty and students are thought leaders on the future of work, technology, the gender pay gap, global labor practices, human resources, compensation, disabilities, inequality and conflict resolution.

Our prominent research impacts policy, industry and academia, while our curriculum prepares students to become leaders in the global world of work.

At ILR, we provide students with an exceptional social sciences education and practical professional experiences which prepare them for the global world of work.