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Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

About Us

For 40 years, Illinois Stewardship Alliance has been tackling the biggest problems facing agriculture and rural communities. Today, our mission is to cultivate local food and farm systems across Illinois that are are economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially just.

We work side-by-side with farmers and eaters in our local food and conservation programs to help farmers implement more conservation practices on the land and to drive demand for local food. We use the understanding gleaned from these programs to develop and champion fair food and farm policies that rebuild local food systems and revitalize communities.

Since 2012, we’ve passed 12 laws, laying the groundwork for vibrant, resilient, and just local food systems across Illinois. We envision a future filled with diverse and thriving small farms, clean water, healthy communities, and wholesome food for all.


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