Margaret’s 50th Birthday Fund

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1 Laptop Per Foster Youth Campaign

Less than 20% of Foster Youth have access to a computer where they live while their peers are connected. 90% of US Teens and 79% of low income US teens have access to a computer in their home. This puts our most vulnerable young people at a severe disadvantaged. Homework is near impossible to complete, grades suffer and foster youth don't have the skills and tools to compete in today's economy and function successfully in society.

iFoster in partnership with Microsoft and private funders big and small nationwide are working to change this. The 1 Laptop per Foster Youth campaign has provided over 9,000 in-college and college-bound Foster Youth with a laptop. And the results have been extraordinary.
A study by USC Professor Jeremy Goldbach of over 700 Foster Youth who have received an iFoster laptop has shown that a laptop changed their lives. Having a laptop resulted in:

  • Improved grades
  • Reduced missed school days
  • Increased applications to college and employment
  • Improved communications with biological families
  • Improved communications with support networks
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Reduced depression and suicidality

Giving a laptop can change a life! For Margaret's 50th birthday, iFoster would like to give a dozen laptops to college-bound and in-college Foster Youth. iFoster will match donations up to $2,000 to make this happen. Please join us and help a Foster Youth become a successful, independent adult.

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About the Organization

iFoster is a national non-profit that bridges the gap between youth in the child welfare system and the external corporations, foundations and government agencies who have the resources to help them succeed. iFoster has built the largest and most inclusive online community of young people and organizations in foster care with currently over 40,000 members in all 50 states. On behalf of the community, iFoster negotiates and collaborates with hundreds of partners who can provide the resources and opportunities that are central to foster care youth becoming successful, independent adults. The foster care community has access to these resources 24/7 through iFoster's secure online portal As a result, third party evaluations have found that iFoster's resource portal and unique programs:
• Reduce child and family needs for foster families
• Improve foster children's grades
• Increase foster youth pursuit of college and employment
• Increase connections to needed support networks for youth aging-out of care
• Improve child and caregiver well-being
• Improve youth...

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