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I Have A Dream-Overtown Inc

I Have A Dream-Overtown Inc

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I Have A Dream, commonly referred to as IHAD, is a national foundation and has over 200 sites across the United States. The Overtown branch is a non-profit entity established to work with students in the Overtown community in Miami, FL, which is an historic African-American commnity. The I Have A Dream-Overtown-Inc program began in January of 2004 when it recruited 51 first-grade children ("Dreamers") from Phillis Wheatly Elementary. The progarm consists of tutoring, mentoring, and enrichments activities. Each Dreamer and thier families will remain a part of IHAD until 2015, the approximate high school graduation date. The overall goal is to see the Dreamers enter a college setting. Upon doing so, they will become part of the I Have A Dream alumni group.


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