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Holy Spirit Preparatory School

About Us

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Holy Spirit Preparatory School isn’t looking back. HSP is focused on the future, preparing children from preschool to 12th grade with an education rooted in Catholic faith and Christ’s promise of eternal life.

Using a Classical Catholic approach, HSP intentionally combines traditional academic subjects with Latin, Greek, fine arts, and 21st Century technology – including engineering and coding, with developmentally appropriate religious teachings and traditions. Extra-curricular activities including band, clubs and athletics encourage growth in virtues such as temperance and fortitude, while forging friendships along the way. From kindergarten to graduation, children learn the value and responsibility of service to the Church, their communities, and one another.

The result is a rigorous, integrated, and purposeful program that enables students to understand their identity in Christ, and, as they grow, a discernment of their role in the world.

Each day at HSP, children grow in both faith and intellect. At every age, they learn to use those lessons to think prudently, act compassionately, and respond to God's call faithfully.


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Denise C. Gunderson