Give the Gift of Music to the children of Heritage

Music is lifechanging for students with intellectual and developmental challenges.

A fundraising campaign for The Arc Erie County New York

“Music is a world within itself. It is a language we all understand.” – Stevie Wonder

For our 2017 Spring It On! Project, we hope you will join us in bringing the gift of music to the youngest members of the Heritage Centers' Family – children ages 3-5 who come to us with profound medical needs or physical or cognitive challenges at our Green Acres location in Tonawanda. Our goal is $827 to purchase an iPad Pro Music Package. 
Music has touched the lives of every one of us, whether it was the favorite lullaby your mother sang to you when you were sick, driving your parents crazy playing the first three notes of “Hot Cross Buns” over and over again on the clarinet, standing with your teammates listening to the National Anthem before your first Little League game, or sharing the first dance with your spouse on your wedding day. The music that accompanied these memories make them last a lifetime.
For the children we serve, music holds an even deeper meaning. Our focus at Heritage is not to teach children to sing like the next Adele or become the next Jimi Hendrix on guitar. Teachers use music in the classroom to expose children to new experiences and concepts that will expand social/emotional development, communication and cognition/problem solving skills. Study after study has shown that music offers a host of therapeutic advantages including:
·   Managing stress and anxiety
·   Alleviating pain
·   Expressing feelings
·   Promoting wellness
·   Enhancing memory
·   Improving and fostering communication
·   Promoting physical development
For our classrooms, resources need to be portable enough to bring into a variety of classrooms so a 12-piece orchestra just won’t do! Our staff has identified an Apple iPad Pro to be the best and most cost effective tool to use is. The iPad’s ability to mimic nearly any instrument, download music, and install hundreds of therapeutic music apps are all attributes that will dramatically enhance all of our music programs.

In honor of your music teacher, your favorite band, or your favorite musical memory – we encourage you to give the gift of music to our youngest students. Every dollar counts!

About the Organization

The Arc Erie County New York

The Arc Erie County New York is a leading not-for-profit in the Western New York area serving children and adults with special needs. We are devoted to providing quality, compassionate, person-centered care to individuals from the start to the end of life. We ensure they, along with their families, receive the necessary supports and services to become independent and productive members of our community.

We proudly provide service coordination, educational, therapeutic and residential services, adult prevocational support, and recreational opportunities from the start to the end of life.