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Henri Boll

Henri Boll

About Us

I would like to introduce we combine the best of modern & contemporary art with original design and trendy vintage.

379 artists from 37 countries all over the world have trusted us with their work and creative vision.

We want to create an atmosphere where you as exhibitor on our online site will have a public looking at art work with different interests but with a common nominator – good taste and style.

Over the years we acquired an outstanding eye for art and has developed an exceptional criterion.
Extensive international promotion & media campaign.

We represent the top emerging and establish artists from across the world. We're passionate about our collection and our artists, and we are always looking for talented artists with positive attitudes to join our community.

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Home decorating


Housewarming gifts

Unique gifts

Hand made gifts

One of a kind gifts

Unusual Gifts


We Care About

Community Advocacy
Arts and Culture

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Henri Boll
212 802 7547