Drive older adults to their appointments or errands

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Eugene Abrahamson
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About Drive older adults to their appointments or errands

Transportation is a huge need among seniors and by far the most requested service we receive. Many older adults in our community are no longer driving but have doctor appointments to get to and grocery errands to run. We are here to help these individuals and we do so by making volunteering to drive easy! As a volunteer driver, you assign yourself to any requested trips that fit well with your schedule and transport the care receiver in your own vehicle! The care receiver is not charged for the service and as a driver you will have supplemental insurance applied during the transport as well as the option for mileage reimbursement. You will know where the care receiver is coming from and where they need to go and you choose which trips you want to take. Most transportation requests are for medical appointments, but we also accept transports to grocery stores, community centers, banks, hair salons, shopping centers, and social events.

Application Process

Go to and fill out a registration form, then attend a Hearts and Hands training session! You can call us at (716) 406-8311 to find out when the training sessions are being held this month.

The training is about an hour and a half long and it will teach you all about our program and what it means to be a volunteer. At the training you will also undergo a background check and a motor vehicle history check.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Health and Wellness
  • Religion

Are a skilled:

  • Talker

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