Onesie Campaign 2016

A fundraising campaign for Healthy Baby Network

Commit to being a community champion for our newest generation!

In 2015, over 60 babies died before their first birthday in Monroe County.  

In Monroe County, African American babies are 4 times as likely to die before their first birthday as white babies.

At the Healthy Baby Network, it is our mission to help every baby reach their first birthday.  Ending infant mortality takes all of us.  We invite YOU and our whole community to join us in putting an end to infant mortality.  Find out more about how you can help here!

How will your donation make a difference?  Your donation will:

  • Connect mothers and babies with health care.
  • Provide case management and home visitation services to high risk mothers.
  • Bring social supports such as food security, housing assistance, and job training directly to vulnerable mothers and families.
  • Empower mothers through education to take control of their health and their family’s health.

*Donation levels are for illustrative purposes only.  Healthy Baby Network will use your donation where it is needed most. 

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About the Organization

Formerly the Perinatal Network of Monroe County, Inc., Healthy Baby Network strives to give every baby the opportunity to be born healthy by supporting vulnerable mothers and families. Through health planning, community leadership, outreach, and direct service, we are changing our community!