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Leave Your Mark on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by becoming a Friend of the Foundation!

A fundraising campaign for Gulf Coast Community Foundaiton

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation runs our annual Friends of the Foundation campaign around this time each year as our way of connecting with charitable inclined leaders who share our vision.  We use the proceeds from Friends of the Foundation to continue to provide services to our donors and to support a variety of charitable causes and organizations across South Mississippi.

Since 2005, we've distributed approximately 68.5 million dollars across the Mississippi Gulf Coast!  The Foundation's relationships with regional and national funders enable us to invest in our communities and leverage every dollar to make an impact on the are we serve.

Here are a few additional ways the Foundation is making a difference:

  • The Foundation currently administers over 100 different funds and $21 million in assets to provide funding for a wide spectrum of community needs.
  • In addition to grant-making, The Foundation serves as a fiscal sponsor for a number of charitable groups, thereby allowing them to focus on their core missions. (Examples include:  MS Gulf Coast Youth Health Coalition; East Biloxi Community Collaborative; EEECHO)
  • The Community Foundation has awarded more than $1,250,000 in scholarships since Katrina, which has allowed countless students to pursue a higher education.
  • A $450,000 grant to the Humane Society to fund the Love Train has saved over 7,000 animals since its inception.
  • The Community Foundation was selected by Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors to serve as a Regional partner and administer a $4 million grant program in response to the BP oil spill.
  •  The Foundation provides a mechanism for responding to emerging community needs. Following Hurricane Katrina, the Foundation assisted in rebuilding 885 homes, 17 KaBoom! Playgrounds, 12 community centers, 6 day care centers, and 4 Boys and Girls Clubs, along with countless other projects across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Want to know more?  Check out these pictures of some of the projects and organizations that we've been able to help in the past thanks to the support of our Friends of the Foundation!

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About the Organization

Gulf Coast Community Foundaiton

The Foundation is a vehicle for charitable giving through which individuals, families, corporations, non-profit organizations and private foundations can meet charitable objectives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.