GWUL First Responder Emergency Fund

Become a first responder. Make a donation to the Greater Washington Urban League and help keep families out of foreclosure.

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The Greater Washington Urban League's First Responder Emergency Fund provides direct funding for eligible individuals and families threatened severe delinquency and potentially with foreclosure due to unforeseen emergencies or longterm unemployment.

The cost of living continues to rise and nearly 25% of area residents pay up to 50% of their incomes on housing. The trauma of foreclosure, job loss, catastrophic illness or other unexpected life event can wreak havoc on family stability. The housing services provided by GWUL program staff and partners is needed more than ever.

GWUL receives 8,000 calls per month for assistance. This constant source of feedback and 78 years of institutional knowledge remind us why a full complement of services is needed to have a lasting impact. Solving a financial crisis alone won't alter family circumstances. Elevating financial literacy by itself won't sufficiently replace stress with hope. The combination relieves the pressure while also reducing the risk of recurrence.

The First Responder Emergency Fund aims to stave off foreclosure and eviction and position families and individuals for longterm sustainability by leveraging the full suite of GWUL Housing Services. Support provided through both financial aid and  training will be offered to those in need of assistance including families on the edge due to impending foreclosure or an unexpected life event. Your donation to the First Responder Emergency Fund will have a transformative effect on hundreds of families, individuals and ultimately our communities. All will be strengthened and stabilized for longterm impact.

Please donate today and make a difference in the life of a family in need.  We could do twice as much for individuals and families facing foreclosure with a matching gift from your employer.  Find out if you can double your donation to GWUL by taking advantage of your company’s matching gift program.

Please mail offline donations to:
Greater Washington Urban League
Attn: GWUL First Responder Emergency Fund2901 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

About the Organization

Greater Washington Urban League

The Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit community service organization that has guided individuals on the road to self-sufficiency for more than 75 years. We serve over 65,000 residents in the Washington, DC, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County, MD. GWUL manages and administers programs in education, employment and workforce development; housing and community development; health promotion; financial literacy; entrepreneurship; college scholarships; and emergency assistance. Our mission is to increase the economic and political empowerment of blacks and other minorities and to help all Americans share equally in the responsibilities and rewards of full citizenship.