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Priorities For Impact Councils

Hosted by: Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way


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About Priorities For Impact Councils

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Over the past few years, a new way of conceiving what United Way can do for the community has begun to take shape.
Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way (GSVUW) has transformed from being a Fundraiser/ Fund distributor, to a Leader
and active participant in making a greater impact on improving community conditions in Northumberland, Snyder and
Union Counties. Essentially, the new vision of Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way is to be recognized as a Community
Impact organization geared to Focus On Results (FOR) in an effort to address the root causes to problems in the region.

Volunteer, Financial and Staff resources will support innovative, preventative, or new programs that positively affect long
term change and are focused on the following Priorities For Impact (PFI): Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention, Poverty, Public
Transportation, At Risk Teens, Early Childhood Education, and Diversity.

Purpose: Impact Council members support United Way’s effort to identify and achieve the desired outcomes necessary to
address the community’s most critical health and human services needs in a given PFI-specific area.

- Impact Councils report to Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
- Review and analyze community data relating to specific PFI area
- Conduct due diligence (site visits, face-to-face meeting[s], etc.) by attending one to two events annually to ensure
comprehensive understanding of the PFI-related issue a regular basis
- Use the GSVUW Strategic Plan to guide short and long term goals for the particular PFI area, including identifying
timelines and measures of success.
- Designate a GSVUW board member to report to the full board on a regular basis council’s research, findings and
recommendations to GSVUW
- Attend quarterly (4 annually) Council Meetings as scheduled by Council Chair
- Support and advocate for collaboration and partnership in the community

- Interest in Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way’s community impact process and goals, volunteerism, nonprofit
organizations, and improving the conditions of everyone in Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties
- Ability to make objective, informed decisions based on research, observations, and review of written materials
- Ability to work cooperatively within a team to arrive at consensus
- Commitment to serve as an Impact Council volunteer through January 2013 - December 2015

- Each Impact Council has one chairperson who coordinates and conducts all meetings and is a member of the
GSVUW Board of Directors.
- Anyone interested in participating can be a member of the Impact Council, with a preference for local “experts” in
the PFI areas
- A UW staff person attends all Impact Council meetings, and provides research assistance, clerical assistance,
trainings, and information

Confidentiality: Volunteer members must respect the confidentiality of all materials, discussions, and decisions.

Recommendations are not final until approved by the GSVUW Board of Directors and therefore should not be discussed
outside of the Impact Council meetings.

Conflict of Interest: Members shall avoid situations where their personal or professional affiliations and relationships
could have or give the appearance of having influence on their judgment of the merits of matters being considered. When
such situations occur members shall disclose their relationship and excuse themselves from participation.

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