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Know what business you really want to be in
Do some Internet checking on the feasibility of that business
Know that going into business is a BIG commitment on your part
You may need a DBA (Doing Business As), think of appropriate names for your prospective business
Know that SCORE® is not a lending institution, we only help your get to a position where you can go to a lending institution for the funds you need
Write down you questions that you want SCORE® to answer
Bring paper and pen for use during your counseling session
Bring any info you have already accumulated regarding your potential business

Identify specific issues/concerns you need Score to provide assistance
Bring financial statements (P&L/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow) if seeking financial advice
Bring copy of your latest Business Plan (if you have one)
Be prepared to discuss what has changed (new competitor, new products)
Identify priorities for getting back on track

What will SCORE do for you?

We will provide you down to earth, realistic answers to your questions from our experiences in business
We will guide and coach you in how to prepare a business plan
We will guide and coach you in the preparation of a cash flow plan (profit and loss)
We will provide you material and resource for starting your business
We will work with you as often as needed (and you are willing) to make sure your business plan is acceptable to the lending institution
We will help you with your questions after you have come to us for counseling (even after you have started your business)
Our services are always free, no matter how many times you come to see us
We will encourage you to come back for follow up sessions, as needed, to assure you are ready to start your business properly
We will probably give homework to do in the form of research, work on your business plan, gathering information for insurance, attorneys, finding and accountant, etc.
If you are already in business we will assist with your issues/concerns. We strongly encourage you to see us before your concern/issue/problem becomes unmanageable.

Our Counselors will:

Listen carefully to what you are telling them about your business
Provide you with straight forward answers to your concerns
Provide you with their vast experience
Cause you to do your own research and homework
Give you credible reviews for your business and financial plan
Stick with you until you are ready to go to the lender of actually go into business
Come to your existing business to assist with issues and concerns, as needed, after our initial counseling session. We will not come to a client's home to conduct SCORE business.

SCORE® will:

Recommend multiple attorneys, accounting firms, insurance brokers, or lenders (usually three or more.
Not provide funding to a potential business. We are not a lending institution nor do we guarantee loans.
Can not accept gifts or donations for our services at any time.

We need volunteers to help with:


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As a SCORE volunteer, you will:

Be a leader in the effort to provide real-world assistance to small businesses.
Gain fulfillment by sharing your business experience and expertise with a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Build relationships with local business leaders to provide economic growth and employment opportunities in the Binghamton area.

Connect with entrepreneurs though counseling, or share your knowledge at SCORE’s entrepreneurial training workshops.

Volunteer counselors keep their skills updated through training sessions and monthly chapter meetings. At these meetings speakers from universities, banks, law firms, and other community resources provide training. Our local SCORE chapter participates in trade shows, educational programs and speaking engagements, maintaining a visible in our community.

For a part-time rewarding volunteer opportunity with extremely flexible hours, please email our Chapter Chair, Bill Ritter for more information.
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