Gorge Grown Food Network

Gorge Grown Food Network

About Us

We are a citizen-driven 501(c)3 with a regional focus, serving Gorge counties in Oregon and Washington: Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Klickitat, and Skamania Counties. We are an inclusive group! We welcome all farmers, food producers and consumers in the region to participate.

We envision a healthy, self-sufficient Columbia River Gorge where our food is produced with integrity and is valued, abundant, and accessible to all. We are devoted to connecting and supporting local farmers and ensuring access to good food for everyone.

We inform, empower, and connect local Columbia River Gorge farmers, food producers, farm workers, consumers, policy-makers, educators, health promoters, and food enthusiasts. We work to ensure that everyone who lives here has access to fresh, healthy, local food, and that local farmers have the skills and infrastructure they need to succeed.

Website: http://gorgegrown.com

We Care About

Poverty and Hunger
Community Advocacy
Health and Wellness

Contact Information

Nichole Reese