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Goodwill Industries-Manasota, Inc.

Goodwill Industries-Manasota, Inc.

About Us

Today's economic climate is a challenge to everyone, especially those who have disabilities, lack of expertise, and other barriers. They need someone to help them develop the skills and opportunities to find employment and self-sufficiency. Goodwill Manasota offers that and much more.

Our legacy of positive job skills and development training dates back to 1902 when a minister in Boston recognized a need and helped people in his community find meaningful work opportunities. His goodwill efforts became a movement that would eventually grow internationally.

Throughout our history, we have always held a special hope for people who come from disadvantaged circumstances. Our comprehensive programs and services provide people with the training and opportunities they need to overcome their challenges and help people to regain their dignity and confidence to support themselves and their families. Goodwill Manasota helps guarantee a strong future for our community and especially to someone who just needs a chance.


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Community Advocacy
Social Justice

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Margie Genter
(941) 747-8930