Help kids in Haiti using your awesome web-ninja marketing skills! (Google Adwords help)

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About Help kids in Haiti using your awesome web-ninja marketing skills! (Google Adwords help)


GOALS Haiti is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which provides 600 children a month with sport, health, and education programs in rural Haiti. We have a Google AdWords Grant, but not enough time, capacity or web-ninja marketing skills to maximize the benefit of it. The perfect volunteer would have experience with effective AdWords campaigns, basic wordpress skills to customize web pages as needed and is verifiably awesome. A few hours would be needed to get going, and then minimal maintenance from there on out.

Application Process

Please email me with your interest, a brief overview of your experience or skills (or a resume, if you prefer) with specific examples of your work if applicable (an analytics screengrab, for example), one reference, and a good time to connect via Skype. If that's too much, just tell me why you're verifiably awesome and convince me in your own way that you're the perfect web-ninja Google AdWords volunteer for GOALS Haiti!

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Disaster Relief
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    Poverty and Hunger
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Are a skilled:

  • Ninja
  • Professional
  • Social savant
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  • Techie

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  • Geeking out
    Geeking Out

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