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Global Youth Media Initiative

About Us

The Mission of GYMI is to give a voice in broadcasting mediums, with original content and production, to High School students and young adults in Greater New Haven, with a strong focus on communities of people of color. GYMI’s mission also includes instructing and training its participants in technical broadcasting programming as an informative public service broadcasting medium in both live stream and on-demand formats.

Based on the US Center for Disease and Control, preventing youth violence “requires addressing factors at all levels of the social ecology—the individual, relational, community, and societal levels.” Global Youth Media Initiative, through its programs( Gen-Z Talk, Talk Z and Music Production program) reduces several risk factors associated with youth violence and prepares youth for success through pro-social interventions, including but not limited to: literacy, social emotional wellness support and leadership development.
Our program provides youth with:
*On the job training in broadcasting
*Strengthening skills for youth to be life learners and leaders;
*Developing research and analytical skills on the issues that impact their lives
*Providing youth with consistent and caring mentors

Although GYMI is a new organization and is still building its programming on 2vStream.Com on TWITCH and other content distribution platforms, we are already seeing our premiere youth base talk show (Gen-Z Talk or Z Talk) making an impact in their targeted demographics. The show is streamed once a week with topics covering but not limited to:
*Defining the Black Lives Movement
*Youth race relations
*Youth mental health
*Conflict resolutions with their peers
*Mental impact of police brutality on young people
*Political policies impacting young people of color.
*Climate Change
*LGBTQ community issues
Needs Statement:
History and data have shown, people of color have always had difficulty having a voice in the media on social, economical, political and health issues. Also as quite evident in the recent protests around the country for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many other racial injustice incidents. Seeing the importance for this wrong to be corrected, Global Youth Media Initiative has become a venue to give voices to the unheard through its national content distribution arm, 2vStream.Com through TWITCH, and other local productions.

CT Violence Intervention Program based in New Haven works directly with the Police in New Haven on issues related to gun violence amongst youth; and states that in 2019 in New Haven, there have been 20 non-fatal shootings involving youth aged 13 to 21. Black male youth were the most victimized from non-fatal shootings (Figure 3). In 2021, the violence rates have increased under this global pandemic and also due to the disruption in the schools.

Local police have cited Social media as a factor increasing violence amongst youth in New Haven. Global Youth Media Initiative has been an active member of YouthStat based in New Haven in partnership with various City officials, community based partners and police in an effort to reduce Youth gun violence. The Global Youth Media program, Gen-Z-Talk is a vehicle in support of youth leadership, with content developed by youth leaders, as positive “influencers” amongst their peers. TWITCH is the platform to broadcast the content on the “channel” 2VStream, which is a popular platform with youth “gamers”, and expanding quickly with relevant content like our Gen-Z-Talk.

Based on Yale mental health experts working with CT Violence Intervention Center “There is a strong association between high levels of depression, anxiety, and chronic emotional stress to low impulse control and violence in youth. Youth exposed to poverty have a much lower chance of getting the proper help.”

Research has shown by letting youth have an avenue to communicate thoughtful opinions, helps immensely with self-empowerment, conflict resolution, and positive social justice activism. This strongly increases resiliency and prevention against violence in their life as cited by the CDC’s Youth Violence Prevention data.


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