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Girls Rock Austin

Girls Rock Austin

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Empowering over 1200 girls, gender fluid/non-binary and trans youth since 2007, Girls Rock Austin is dedicated to empowering ALL girls through music education, mentorship and performance by providing a positive, supportive safe space to try new things, gain leadership and collaboration skills, and share their stories, creating a positive social change in both Central Texas and the world at large.

Girls Rock Austin's primary program is a summer day camp providing music instruction, band coaching and workshops on a variety of topics ranging from STEM related subjects such as Music Recording, Video Production and even Music Technology where campers learn how to solder, and build circuit boards, contact microphones, synthesizers and even light-sensitive miniature theremins, to personally enriching self-care workshops, such as “Body Image and the Media”, “Building Positive Relationships,” as well as Self-Defense and Yoga for Stress Relief) as well as Social Justice workshops (including “Intersectionality and Me” and “Understanding Privilege”).

GRA firmly believes financial, physical, and social barriers should not prevent our youth from gaining the self-esteem that comes from musical and creative expression. In 2018 Girls Rock Austin provided full sholarships and tuition assistance to over 60% of our campers in 2018.

As a grassroots organization, Girls Rock Austin depends to the hard work, input, and support of many individual volunteers, donors and business sponsors. The organization is seeking financial assistance to help fund new programming, such as the Girls Rock Around the Clock after school program at St. Francis School, in addition to supporting staff salaries, increase capacity building, and continue the development of new administrative systems to maximize the organization’s outreach into the community.

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