Girls Inc. of NYC 18th Annual College Shower

Supporting a Girl's Freshman Year Experience.

A fundraising campaign for Girls Inc. of NYC

Girls Inc. of New York City's 18th Annual College Shower

GINYC recognizes the importance of celebrating girls who are beating the odds, breaking stereotypes, and are positive role models for all youth throughout New York City.

Since 1999, we have honored our members who are transitioning from high school to college through our Annual College Shower.

Help us celebrate our seniors and send them off to school with everything they need for success!

Your donation to the College Shower goes towards scholarships for students that help with tuition and textbook costs. 

Honorees are also "showered' with laptops, luggage, bedding, school supplies and many other essential items needed for life as a successful college student. At the event the graduates, family, friends, and supporters celebrate their achievements and support them as they continue to prove that they are Strong, Smart and Bold.

Thank you! 

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About the Organization

Since 1998, Girls Inc. of New York City has advocated for and worked to improve the lives of under-served girls ages 8 to 18 in the five boroughs. We achieve this mission by providing gender-based academic enrichment and lifestyle development programs. Our commitment is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold!