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Generation E Institute

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Generation E Institute (GenEI), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to addressing the complexity of the economy by creating the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals so they can compete in the ever changing economy through two programs: GenEI Youth Entrepreneurship Education and the Center for Entrepreneurship of South Central Michigan.

GenEI has reached over 20,000 children and youth by training over 300 educators and community leaders throughout the United States to use our innovative entrepreneurship curricula. Through GenEI programs, students ages 8-18, experience hands-on, experiential learning activities. This allows youth to use their creativity by taking their interests, talents, and abilities, and turning them into an operational business. While doing this, we are taking students through idea generation, market surveys, to developing business and financial plans, all while incorporating lessons on communication, manners, and business dress and etiquette. Along the way, youth begin to see how the core subjects in school are used in real life scenarios.

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE), managed by GenEI, was established seven years ago, when a gap in resources and services for startup businesses, the idea person, and the growing business owner were identified. At that time, thirteen community organizations came together as partners, to establish the CfE. We are the hub and first stop for the entrepreneur. We assist with business plan development by providing one on one mentoring and coaching and are also the resource and referral center to our community partners. The CfE has also collaborated with other service and product business owners who act as the CfE service providers. These service providers have agreed to provide their services, such as legal, technology, graphic design and marketing, etc., at either a pro-bono or reduced rate to CfE clients.


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