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Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc.

Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes Inc.

About Us

G-M.A.C.C. Inc. is a community-based organization founded by Shanduke McPhatter in Brooklyn, which focuses on changing the lives of individuals who are at risk or are currently being absorbed by a street life involving drugs, guns, violence, prison, and the overall gangsta mentality. G-M.A.C.C. Inc. works diligently to effectively target and service high-risk zones to provide the resources and solutions to the various issues affecting the community and ensure public safety.
G-M.A.C.C. Inc. is one of the leading forces in the decrease of violence in the East Flatbush community. In just a short time, G-M.A.C.C. Inc. has made a significant impact in helping to reduce street violence in Brooklyn. The organization has a deep understanding of the needs of their community and know what is essential to proactively deliver effective solutions.

We Care About

Emergency Response
Health and Wellness
Community Advocacy
Social Justice

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